About us

A young professional team with strong skills.

Founded in 1974, the firm features a team of Certified Public Accountants and Legal Auditors, professionals operating as tax, accounting, company and managerial consultants for small and medium enterprises.

By leveraging its well-established and reliable network, Terzuolo-Brunero & Partners is able to assist your business in all the above activities, thanks to highly qualified professionals.

To strike a balance between proactivity and expertise, the average age of our team is 42.

The activities and services that we offer would not be possible without the precious support of our twenty staff members, who provide long-standing experience and professionalism.


Where tradition meets the future

Continuous training and research

All of our professionals devote on average more than 20% of their time to studying, further training and research, because we believe that this is the only way to ensure the quality of our services over time and to maintain a high level of professional specialization.

This is why we value the strategic role of our collaborations with the Department of Management of the University of Turin, the professional and entrepreneurial training firm MAP Servizi S.r.l. and the publishing company Giuffré Editore S.p.A..

Family passion

The history of our firm and its size foster a working environment in which, besides being driven by constant passion for our work, we regard each client as a partner and strive to establish long-term relationships based on mutual collaboration.


The average age of our partners and the countless initiatives undertaken by our firm create an eclectic team, focused on timely and highly customized responses to changing customer needs.


The strength of our young team lies in paying close attention to technological and regulatory developments, with the aim to provide new services and increase interactions with our clients.


We believe this to be the guiding principle of the Certified Public Accountant profession, which centers on building a rapport with the client based on trust, seen as a main asset.


A dynamic network

Serim Consulting S.r.l.

A company with fifteen years of experience in business consultancy services to support companies, entrepreneurs and professionals in administrative, managerial and strategic activities.


A cultural association featuring young and dynamic professionals, active in the area of business law at the national level and beyond. The Association, formed by lawyers, certified public accountants, notaries and auditors, acts as a place for professional and cultural growth.


Marketing and advertising agency.